Tiwal 3R

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A light and precise boat for exceptional sensations

The Tiwal 3R is a supercharged dinghy that is easy to sail. It accelerates in the slightest breeze and has all the power you need to move to the next patch of air whilst maintaining your speed. It quickly gets up on the plane, and plays with all the elements, whether at sea or on the lake. At sea, it is a pleasure to be on your boat and ride the swell, descending the wave and accelerating in the surf. Breathe easy, it is euphoric.

The Tiwal 3R has excellent seaworthiness, even in heavier weather. It points well upwind and tacks in its own length. The boat combines lightness and responsiveness for an exceptional onboard experience. Have fun, you are in charge!

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PVC inflatable hull – Dropstitch – 2 airtight compartments
Aluminum frame, assembled with push-pins and clevis pins
C90 carbon mast – 5 sections
C90 Boom – 2 sections
67 sq. ft. Xi® and monofilm sail – North Sails
Rudder and daggerboard – Composite
Rudder head – Die Cast
Stick & extension – Aluminum and foam
Mainsheet swivel jammer – Harken
Blocks set – Harken and Ronstan
Fittings – Clamcleat
Toe strap rope – High-density foam
Rigging – Dyneema and polyester
Rechargeable low-pressure electric pump 12/110V
High-pressure manual pump – 2200cc
Stowage bags
Tiwal 3R assembly Manual


Boat weight (empty)121 lbs
Bags weight (including boat and pumps)Hull: 57 lbs
Structure: 68 lbs
Sail: 12 lbs
Bags dimensions4′ 11″ x 16″ x 14″
Draft2′ 5″
Maximum load440 lbs (2 adults / 1 adult and 2 kids)
Maximum load on wings242 lbs (2 adult)
Inflated hull dimensions10′ 6″ x 4′ 6″
Hull width (with frame)5′ 4″