Tiwal 2L

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A great boat for everyone

Whether you’re a couple, with the kids, or single-handing, the Tiwal 2L sailing dinghy adapts to all your sailing options. With a length of 10′ 10″, it’s really comfortable in most sea conditions, even in waves. The volume of the scow-shaped bow and the wings contribute to the boat’s great handling downwind and its stability when tacking or gybing.

The Tiwal 2L provides sailors with a clear deck for easily moving around on board. The inflatable wings provide both a comfortable seat for adults and reassuring support for children, with handles to hold on to. The Tiwal 2L offers maximum space on board for sailors to enjoy.

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Deramar is exclusive distribution for Greece – Sales and rental



PVC inflatable hull – 3 separate chambers:
– 1 primary drop stitch high pressure chamber
– 2 low pressure residual chambers (wings)
Aluminium framework, assembled with push-pins
C50 carbon mast – 5 sections
Dacron 71 ft² furling sail – North Sails
Rudder and daggerboard – Marine PLWD
Rudder head – Die cast
Tiller & extension – Aluminium and foam
Blocks set – Harken
Fittings – Clamcleat
Toe strap rope – High density foam
Rigging – Polyester
Rechargeable low pressure electric pump 12/220V
High pressure manual pump – 2200cc
Stowage bags


Boat weight (empty)103 lbs
Bags weight (including boat and pumps)45 & 77 lbs
Bags dimensions4’ 9″ x 16” x 14” / 77 lbs
3’ 7″ x 16” x 10” / 45 lbs
Draft2′ 5″
Maximum load440 lbs (2 adults or 1 adult + 2 kids)*
Inflated hull dimensions10′ 10″ x 4′ 11″