Jobe Shade Wakesurfer


The Shade is the Ferrari of the wake surf boards. With a traditional foam core and a machine grooved eva deck with extra tall tail kick, this board is suitable for an easy – till mid level riding style. The Shade its classic shape is easy to get up on and forgiving, perfect for beginners to intermediates. A high press fiberglass molded board really grabs the wake. Comes with three nylon fins.

  • Traditional foam core
  • Machined grooved EVA deck with extra tall tail kick
  • High press fiberglass molded
  • Two side channels for a better traction into the wake
  • Wakesurf style
  • 3 nylon fins
  • Beginners and intermediate board
  • Product size: 161,5
  • 52cm
  • Product size: 63′
  • 20,5′ inch
  • Rocker: 2.5′
  • up to 85kg – 187lbs

Product number: 582519002

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded