Jobe Logo Wakeboard 138 & Unit Bindings Package


The logo series is the perfect intermediate board when riding behind the boat. It has a light and playful feeling due to its 3-stage-rocker and integrated fins. A logical choice. Become a true ambassador with the Logo set up.

  • 3-stage rocker
  • 2 removable nylon fins
  • Deep grooved channels for traction and control
  • Double concave bottom design for smooth landings
  • High-press core
  • High-press fins
  • Non-obstacle board: not meant for riding kickers, sliders, or other obstacles
  • Package contains: Logo Series Wakeboard, Unit Bindings, transparent Wakeboard Bag, Wake Combo Prime Red

Sizes: 3/6, 7/10, 10/12


Product number: 278821009

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded