Jobe Vertex Pro Wakeboard


Rise above yourself with the Jobe Vertex Pro Wakeboard. We have developed a full new core consisting out of PVC foam and Pauwlonia Wood. This ‘Glide Core’ is our most high-end core ever. The combined use of PVC foam and Pauwlonia wood makes this a super stiff board while keeping it extremely light. We’ve used 50/50 carbon infused fiberglass for even more response and stiffness while keeping the board light as a feather. Furthermore this wakeboard has a continuous rocker and BackBone Tech to boost the feel, response and center stiffness. If you’re looking for the best… This board is what you need. By the way, did we tell you that this board is made with 100% solar power?

  • Continuous rocker
  • BackBone Tech: Innovative high tech advanced placing of carbon rods to boost board feel, response and add center stiffness
  • 4 removable nylon fins
  • 50/50 carbon infused fiberglass that gives the board more response and stifness but keeping it all light as a feather
  • ABS impact rails
  • Breaking spline that breaks the water for soft landings
  • Double concave for extra speed and stability
  • Fully tricked out for the pro riders developed for more control, consistency, speed and pop
  • Glide Core keeping the board light and stiff consist out off PVC foam and pauwlonia wood
  • Gripping tip and tail for max loading before the pop
  • Lightest board in the range
  • Made with 100% solar power

Sizes: 137cm, 141 cm, 144cm


Product number: 272522011

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded