Jobe Infinity Seascooter Package


The Jobe Infinity Underwater Scooter With Bag And Snorkel re-invents fun below the water surface! This self floating, electrically powered underwater scooter zooms you around to explore the shallows or the depths up to 30 meters. Powered by a long battery you can explore the depths for up to 40 minutes. And with two batteries included you can explore twice as long! Additionally the Infinity Sea scooter features three speeds for cruising around slowly or at a brisk pace! Capture the views like never before with the built in GoPro mount to make your memories last forever.

  •  Always clean the Seascooter and battery with fresh water after use. Read the instructions before use!
  •  Pack battery and Seascooter separately when boarding an airplane. Check the manual before boarding an airplane.
  •  Self floating design
  •  3 speed levels up to: 5 Km/h | 3,1 Mp/h | 2,7 knots
  •  Charging time 4 hours per battery
  •  Dimensions: 58cm x 24cm x 13cm | 23″ x 9″ x 8″
  •  Dive up to 30m | 98ft.
  •  GoPro mount on top to capture your underwater experiences
  •  Max thust 9KG Force
  •  Padded bag
  •  Snorkel set Temperature limits: min: -10°C | 14°F, max: 45°C | 113°F Total
  •  Weight: 3,5 kg | 7,7 lbs
  •  Not compatible with 2023 model battery
  •  Run time up to 2 x 37.5 minutes Two Li-ion (25,2V / 5Ah)

Product number: 281024014

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded