Full Deck 15.0


The fifteen foot long Full Deck is the full-meal-deal! Makes a superior replacement for foam mats, which are rough on sensitive skin and never last, but it can also be used as a walkway, slideway and boarding platform for any residential feature. Lowprofile inflatable dropstitch is easy to board from the water and provides play value all on its own. Easily connects to park features on both ends.

  • Best For: slipin’ and slidin’
  • Capacity: 4 People
  • Warranty: Limited 3 year
  • Dimensions: L 15′ x W 5.1′ x H 0.3′ (L 4,57m x W 1,55m x H 0,1m)
  • Min Water Depth: 3.2 ft


VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded