Segway i2

Rental Price : 150 € / day

VAT and Delivery / Re-delivery not included

The Segway i2 gets you anywhere you need to be, safely and quickly. It is comfortable with all age groups and many surfaces or types of terrain; On pavements, grass or sandy patches, on bumps, dents or slopes, it is as easy going and reliable as it looks.

  • Ideal for use on sidewalks and other paved surfaces
  • Included lithium batteries provide range of up to 24 miles
  • Charges via any standard wall outlet


Weight: 105 lbs. / 47.7 kg

Footprint: 19” x 25” / 48 cm x 63 cm

Maximum Speed: 12.5 mph / 20 kph

Range*: Up to 24 mi / Up to 38 km

Carrying capacity: 260 lbs / 118 kg

* Actual range depends on terrain, payload, and riding style

Segway i2 in action Video