Swimstep XL-drop stitch


The Swimstep was developed as an improvement over traditional boarding ladders which are notoriously awkward to use.

This ergonomic platform provides easy access from the water due to its low-profile design. Our Swimstep XL is built exclusively with advanced Hardbottom (HB) material for exceptional long-lasting durability.

The Swimstep XL is the extra-large platform that connects on 1 or 2 sides of our products using the Interloc system and the perfect platform for our ADVENTURE Series challenge courses.

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Swimstep XL:
L 5' x W 6.5' x H .04'
L 1,5m x W 2m x H 0,1m

Box Dimensions

L 23" x W 17" x H 6", 31 lb. 1pc.

Min Depth

4' (1,20 m)


3 users – 400 lb / 181 kg