Rockit & Rockit Junior

The Rockit™ provides endless opportunity for creative free-play and team-building. One of our most popular products, this versatile,  circular water rocker comfortably fits up to eight people, but can be used by as few as two. Offers a variety of stations to accommodate participants of all sizes and age groups. Work as a team, or in factions to balance, roll it and rockit! Accommodates up to eight users.

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Rockit :
L 13' x W 13' x H 5.5'
(L 4m x W 4m x H 1,7m)

Rockit Junior:
L 9.5' x W 9.5' x H 3.6'
(L 3m x W 3m x H 2m)

Box dimensions

Rockit :
L 37" x W 28" x H 17", 114 lb. 1 pc.
(L 94cm x W 71cm x H 43cm, 52 kg)

Rockit Junior:
L 30" x W 22" x H 16", 72 lb. 1 pc.
(L 75cm x W 56cm x H 41cm, 33 kg)


Rockit :
8 users – 1000 lb / 454 kg

Rockit Junior:
4 users – 800 lb / 362 kg