Jobe Host Wakeboard Bindings Green Pink


These open toe bindings will bring you sky-high. Because we believe in sharing, we designed them for a large range of foot sizes. You will feel a soft ergonomic shaped foot bed that absorbs energy overload on the water and gives you that comfortable feeling your looking for. Locks you achilles in place and helps keeping your ankle positioned properly. We used three levels of foam in order to perform precisely, with an superior impact resistance and pro level support. With the custom like fit this is the liner your feet are screaming for. Have a wild ride!

  • Comfortable ergonomic foot bed
  • Soft heel pads for proper foot placement
  • Soft and comfortable foam inner liner
  • Stretchy flex panels to control your ride
  • User friendly velcro straps for a fast entry

Sizes: 3/6, 7/10


Product number: 393119003

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded