Jobe Heavy Duty Multi Rider 10P Double


Jobe’s multi rider is a friends new fun-machine, engineered with an extra long nose and reinforced side floats for stability. Its heavy duty PVC-coated material is the thickest in the industry and its thermo-bonded seams provide extra durability. Designed with minimal resistance in mind, this towable is super stable yet oh-so-speedy. Repair kit and pump included. Perfect for rental purposes.

  • Thickness PVC: 0.9 MM
  • Max 10 persons towable
  • Double tow points
  • Halkey Roberts valve
  • Extra long nose and reinforced side floats garantuees more stability
  • Airtight and extra durable thermo bonded seams
  • Protecting rub strake under floats and main chamber
  • Special shape ensures minimal resistance
  • Repair kit and pump included
  • Deflated size : 192″ x 90.5″, 488 x 230 CM

Product number: 443217092

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded