Jobe Epex Wakesurfer


The Epex is our all new wakesurfer which is made to keep on riding that endless wave. This board uses an APS foam core which makes for a light board under your feet. The outline of this surf gives beginner and intermediate surfers the needed buoyance to have a rip behind the boat, while the fin setup makes for quick turns. It’s freestyle outline give you an opportunity to ride out when landing a trick switch. This makes the Epex perfect for the rider who wants to progress his tricks.

  • Light weight machined EPS FOAM CORE
  • Machined Grooved EVA deck with extra tall tail kick
  • Hand made
  • Wakesurf style
  • 3 nylon fins
  • Beginners and intermediate board
  • Product size: 142,2cm
  • 52,6cm
  • Product size: 56′
  • 20,5′ inch
  • Rocker: 2.5′
  • up to 110kg – 243lbs

Product number: 582519001

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded