Jobe Armada Wakeboard


The Armada is the perfect board for the female freestyler! This performance driven board has a single concave, shallow channels and slider fins for a playful wakeboard which can still be used for some aggressive turns. But that’s not all! A hybrid rocker shape makes for a board with speed that still has a solid pop of the wake. The full wood core is made to pack a serious punch and when you combine this with our thicker ABS sidewall and H.I.T. base, you’re sure to make a lasting impression out on the water!

  • Full wood durable core
  • ABS protecting sidewalls
  • High press fiberglass molded
  • Flex construction
  • Hybrid rocker
  • High impact base material
  • Shallow grooved channels for traction and control
  • Triaxial fiber layup

Sizes: 137 cm


Product number: 272519001

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded