There are those out there who want to constantly test their limits. To feel that true hit of adrenaline as they conquer the water. The RÄVIK S is for them. It’s our signature model; a board for true racing and action.


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The board for performance and race
Awake RÄVIK S is the most advanced electric surfboard on the market and our racing model. It’s a thrilling riding experience – The W-shaped, hydrodynamic hull with its slim tail and aggressive rocker enables deep carves, high jumps and boasts remarkable agility. It’s the ideal board for those looking to push the boundaries every time they take to the water; whether it’s on a flat lake or an ocean swell, we made this board to race.
Instant response
Thanks to the perfectly calibrated wireless hand controller and the Awake RÄVIK S’s carving rails, you can go deep and aggressive into the carves with complete confidence.
Sharp and aggressive turns
The aggressive rocker design assists the Awake RÄVIK S’s carving rails. So riders can carve without the nose of the board diving, enabling those satisfyingly deep turns.
Jumps and action
Thanks to the robust construction and slim design, you get to test your limits above the water as well as on it, jumping on waves, for example.




 Top speed 55 kph
 Acceleration 0-50 kph 5 sec
 Weight inc. driveline 21 kg
 Motor 11 kW Brushless AMO v. 1
 Electric speed controller AESC v.1
 Wireless hand controller AHC v.1
 Speed levels  3
 Throttle sensitivity levels  3
 Dimensions (L/W/B) 175x61x27 cm
 Hull W
 Rocker Aggressive
 Tail Slim
 Buoyancy 52 kg
 Riding time for standard battery 15 – 20 min
 Riding time for extended battery 20 – 45 min
 Charging time for standard battery  1 h 20 min
 Charging time for extended battery  2 h
 Standard battery weight  18 kg
 Extended battery weight  22 kg
 Standard battery kWh  1.9 kWh
 Extended battery kWh  2.8 kWh
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