Awake RÄVIK 3



Our third-generation electric surfboard directly springs from everything we learned from our previous models, combined with partner and rider feedback. The result is a genuinely remarkable board that’s ideal for both action and surfing. The RÄVIK 3 is a board to grow with.

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Generation 3 – the next step in an evolving category
A fusion of everything we learned designing and engineering high-performance electric surfboards – and a lifetime spent on the water. The Awake RÄVIK 3 is the culmination of all that knowledge and experience, a board that’s perfect for both racing and cruising. A quieter board with improved acceleration, an improved motor, and an even more intuitive hand controller. Combine all that with a completely new hull construction and design, and you have a board ready to provide extreme thrills or something a little more relaxed; whatever you choose – you’ll have fun out there.
The board for the true adventurer
“Everything we learned from our two existing models helped us to create the Awake RÄVIK 3. A board for those who are keen to share water-bound adventures with family and friends without sacrificing that exhilarating high-performance water sports racing feeling you get with the Awake RÄVIK S”
Agility for quick turns
The Awake RÄVIK 3 is for riders who enjoy cruising and racing. The narrow tail combined with the dynamic rocker, and a new weight balance allows sharp turns and carving with superior stability.
Balance with the new V-shaped hull
Building on our revolutionary hull designs, our new V-shaped hull together with a higher buoyancy factor provide stability and balance at high and low speeds.
Versatility – cruising and action
The design developments we’ve implemented on the rocker, the V-shaped hull and the narrow tail combined with a more central point-of-gravity means the Awake RÄVIK 3 displays outstanding versatility on the water.

Awake RÄVIK 3

Awake RÄVIK 3


 Top speed  57 kph
 Acceleration 0-50 kph  4 sec
 Weight inc. driveline  22 kg
 Motor  11 kW Brushless AMO v. 2
 Electric speed controller  AESC v.2
 Wireless hand controller  AHC v.2
 Speed levels  3
 Throttle sensitivity levels  3
 Dimensions (L/W/B)  179x62x26 cm
 Hull  V
 Rocker  Dynamic
 Tail  Narrow
 Buoyancy  71 kg
 Riding time for standard battery  15 – 30 min
 Riding time for extended battery  25 – 50 min
 Charging time for standard battery  1 h 20 min
 Charging time for extended battery  2 h
 Standard battery weight  18 kg
 Extended battery weight  22 kg
 Standard battery kWh  1.9 kWh
 Extended battery kWh  2.8 kWh
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