Airport with Softpack


Makes a perfect island for swimming, playing or just relaxing. In a resort setting, floating platforms can easily double beach revenues when added to an existing chair/ umbrella program. Incorporate platforms into aquapark designs to increase parental participation.  Airport™ platforms give parents a place to rest and families a place to congregate during aquapark use. Durable Platinum™ construction allows it to be anchored all season long if necessary. Comfortably fits up to four users. Optional accessories attach using Interloc™ system.

The Airport Classic balances performance, style and value in a remarkably versatile swim platform so that you and your guests can play on the water with style. Ideal as a lounge, swim raft or launch pad for any watersports, the Airport can also be towed with up to 4 people. Designed primarily for residential use, the classic styling fits comfortably in any waterfront environment. The Airport Classic features reinforced handles for boarding, towing and transport.

The Softpac is the perfect addition to the Airport Classic. After a several hours of swimming and playing the Softpac provides a luxurious backrest and offers 3 large cooler chambers for drinks or dry storage. The convenient webbing straps and ladder-lock buckles help attach the Softpac to the platform in a matter of seconds. The Softpac is designed for use while at anchor.

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded

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L 7.5' x W 7.5 x H 0.8'
(L 2,3m x W 2,3m x H 0,2m)

Box dimensions

L 20.25" x W 9.25" x H 27.75", 51lb
(L 51cm x W 23.5cm x H 68cm, 23kg)


Up to 4 People