Jobe Vanity Wakeboard Premium


Soft like butter and strong. Jobe’s high press fiberglass molded Vanity Premium is a grippy beginner to intermediate level board, for allrounders and starters. A traditional soft foam core and molded fins and uniquely deep grooved channels for extra traction and control make this a board with a fast learning curve. Premium details like a hot silver screen layer and foil stamps make it light-up during jumps behind the boat. This is a real eye-catcher, meant to be.

  • Traditional foam core
  • High press fiberglass molded
  • Molded fins
  • Continuous rocker
  • Deep grooved channels for traction and control
  • 2 nylon plastic center fins.

Sizes: 131 cm, 136 cm, 141 cm


Product number: 272317233

VAT & Shipping Costs Excluded